Stephan Sieber

Technical University of Munich

Stephan A. Sieber studied chemistry at the universities of Marburg, Germany and Birmingham, England. He did his graduate studies in the labs of Prof. Marahiel, University of Marburg and Prof. Christopher T. Walsh at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. Soon after his graduation he joined the group of Prof. Benjamin F. Cravatt for his postdoctoral work. In 2006 he started his independent research career at the University of Munich (LMU), Germany, funded by a DFG Emmy-Noether grant. In 2009 he was appointed full professor at Technische Universität Munich and received an ERC starting as well as consolidator grant. His research focus is in the field of chemical biology and chemical proteomics with emphasis on new treatment options for bacterial infections. These studies are of major importance since the evolution of multidrug resistant bacterial pathogens poses a serious threat to public health.